Friday, January 13, 2017

BlueBerry Hill Fashions is a changing

I just want to give a great big hug to all the amazing people that have helped in making BBH a huge success for us! 
  We do believe it's time to stop playing around and branch out with our own custom designs
Over the past two years, I have had countless people begging me to have this design made or that design made etc....
   They have found many of my designs on pinterest and so did alot of other foreign manufacturers, who then in return, stole them and manufactured them on their own...such as Rosegal and that is just one out of the long long list of thieves!!!

     Also, alot of my customers were not happy with some of the products on my website. (NOT MY ORIGINALS) but other items that I source from overseas. This was a company that actually gave me my start in the design business with offering a online contest for aspiring designers and I must say I did win a good bit of the contest, which gave me the balls I needed to venture out on my own.
you can still purchase many many of my designs that seem to be their best sellers, which makes me wonder why they are now picking just the opposite of those designs.

   After being loyal to them for over 3 years, I must start to push them out of my line due to the decline in their merchandise.
   I tend to design with a more youthful consumer in mind. Colors, prints, low necklines ..ya know
fun fashions that really grab attention.
  Unfortunatly the company that I am weening off of, is choosing to fill there store with bleak, boring, clothing. A little skin never hurt anybody!  
  The quality of their products will not stand against my originals that are being produced now. Just ask any of the 1500 people that bought my Marilyn dress or the daisy dress etc..

I will continue to carry some of the Chicstar line, but only the items I find of good quality and lets face needs to be attractive!

Sooo, I'll be updating you with the progress really soon,

I do have ALOT of stuff on sale to clear house - some great savings ladies!

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