Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rockabilly Designs by BBH | New dresses and skirts would like to start this blog by thanking ALL my customers that made this first year a smashing success. Especially this holiday season! Our new BBH originals sold out! I was expecting to get sales but to sell all my sailor dresses, Black Bettie, Stripe dresses and floral dresses was unexpected. I am so amazingly grateful to all my old and new customers. 

I look forward to this new and exciting year ahead of us. We have 10 new designs in the works and 4 of them are due to arrive within the next week. Prototypes were finished two weeks ago, BUT changes needed to be made before production was approved. 

Special thanks goes out to Mrs. Samantha! I'm looking forward to getting all those photos in soon :) I hope the dance group was a smashing sucess! Be sure to send all 20 girls in their dresses! 

Also a special thanks to Allison and her wedding party! Looking forward to seeing those pictures also. I am so glad the dresses fit perfectly and the wedding went off without a hitch! 

Now for the newest designs! 

These are entered into online contest. Some of my friends have asked, why are you still entering your designs there since you have your own line now. Well, it's fun! 

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