Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rockabilly Anchor Dress update by


Well, after many weeks of alters and ALOT of waiting, my anchor dress is very near completion! YEAH!
  I have posted some update pictures. The dress is not yet complete, the embroidery of the anchor still needs to be done and the three white buttons on the waist needs to be attached.
    I superimposed the anchor and buttons on 2 of the pictures so you can see what the finished dress will
look like!
    So excited to say that these dresses should be up for sale on my website by the end of this month!
For ALL the ladies that have been contacting me to purchase this dress, thank you for being patient and I promise to notify you just as soon as they go up on the website!


I just received these pictures from the factory

all that is needed is the anchor and buttons

in this picture, I photoshopped in the buttons and anchor, so you can see what the finished
dress will look like

this pic shows the color  better and the seams on the bodice. 

pic with added buttons and anchor in photoshop, just to show what the finished dress will look like

View of the back - Dress has a zipper closure in the back.

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