Sunday, January 12, 2014

1950's Vintage Dresses

Gorgeous fashions of the 1950's Era. Simply stunning!

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Vintage 1950's Teal Blue With Skirt Inlay Gathered And Draped Sweetheart Neckline Prom Party Dress Evening Gown Lintons Pittsburgh

Lintons Pittsburgh

1950s Gigi Young Party Dress 50s

1950s Gigi Party Dress

1950s Halter Dress 50s Chambray

Vintage 50s high waist gingham wiggle dress - xs small - mad men pinup day dress 1950s

WOW 1980 does 1950 dress // Glitters ruffles dress // isabel de pedro mr cat 1980's dress // Black dress // Corset dress

1950's Vintage Dress - HOT PINK Silk Chiffon Sexy Party Dress

1950's Vintage Dress - Turquoise Chiffon Full Skirt Party Dress

1950s Strapless Dress - Black Cotton with Large Bust Polka Dot Bow Full Skirt Party Prom Dress

1950's Vintage Party Dress - Red Silk Chiffon Full Skirt Cocktail Party Dress

1950s Vintage Party Dress - Hot Pink Halter with Full Skirt Cocktail Party Frock

1950s Cotton Dress - Pink and White Stripes with Large RED ROSES Border Print Spring Dress

1950's Vintage Wedding Dress - Ivory and Pink Chiffon Full Skirt Short Party Prom Wedding Dress

Early 1950s Long Dress - Blue Chiffon  Flowing Full Length Gown - Old Hollywood Glamour

1950's Vintage Wedding Dress - White Tulle Princess Dream - Strapless  Wedding Gown

vintage 1950s dress / 1940s dress / Green Polished Cotton New Look Party Dress

vintage 1950s dress / 50s dress / Blue and White Gingham Polished Cotton Halter Dress with Matching Wrap

Vintage 1950s Black Velvet Wiggle Dress Bombshell Dress with Lace Vintage Fashion Small

1950s Dress / Suzy Perette Dress / Silver Lame with Mink Trim / A Wink and a Smile

1950s Dress - Vintage 50s Dress - Black White Halter Daisy Rhinestones Circle Skirt Sundress S - Obsidian

1950s Dress - Vintage 50s Dress - Black White Rhinestone Organdy Princess Party Dress S M - La La Lucy

1950s Dress - Vintage 50s Dress - White Chiffon Goddess Cocktail Party Dress S - Something Blue

1950s Dress - Vintage 50s Dress - Black Silk Chiffon Greek Goddess Cocktail Party Dress S - That Inevitable Love

1950s Dress - Vintage 50s Dress - Strapless Sarong Bombshell Designer Cocktail Party w Bolero S - No Mercy

1950s Dress - Vintage 50s Dress - Black Halter Jeweled Velvet Flower Silk Circle Skirt Party Dress XS - Night Muse

1950s Dress - Vintage 50s Dress - Hot Pink Polka Dots Strapless Bombshell XS S - Fit to be Tied

1950s Dress - Vintage 50s Rayon Hawaiian Dress - One Shoulder Novelty Print Fire Red Sundress S - Tiki Torch and Surfers

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