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1950's Fashion Designers (Pierre Balmain)

pierre balmain

Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain was a French fashion designer born in Paris in 1914. His father was the owner of a wholesale drapery business, his mother and her sisters operated a fashion boutique. Balmain studied architecture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, but did not complete his studies. He spent his time there designing dresses. While attending the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Balmain went to Molyneux, who promised to give him a trial. Balmain then left his architectural studies to work for the fashion designer Edward Molyneux, for whom he worked from 1934 until 1939. He joined Lucien Lelong after World War II and opened his own fashion house in 1945. The house showcased long bell-shaped skirts with small waists - a line which later became popular as Dior's New Look. In 1951 he opened branches in the United States selling ready-to-wear clothes.

Vintage Pierre Balmain Blazer

Ensemble, Pierre Balmain, 1955

A Pierre Balmain haute couture dress, circa 1955

1950s Balmain Evening Gown

Pierre Balmain, 1956.

Mr. Balmain at work.

1950’s Beaded Evening Gown

pierre balmain

~Balmain 1957~

Evening Dress, Pierre Balmain (French, 1914–1982) for the House of Balmain (French, founded 1945) for Bergdorf Goodman (American, founded 1899): fall/winter 1956-57, French, silk/beads. Marking: [label] "Pierre Balmain/Paris; Bergdorf Goodman/New York/Newhouse, 10/16/56, (No.) Debby"    Designer:

Pierre Balmain

Pierre Balmain 1960

A classically simple 1956 ball gown by Pierre Balmain, a designer who was recently in the spotlight when actress Penelope Cruz wore a vintage Balmain dress to the 2009 Oscars.

Vintage 1950's Pierre Balmain Black Silk Cocktail Dress


1960's PIERRE BALMAIN velvet and lace dress with beading

60's PIERRE BALMAIN couture black wool dress with beaded collar

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