Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thanksgiving DIY Kids Tables ..Mayflower Table

Mayflower Celebration: Sandra Lee's Cute and Crafty Kids' Table for Thanksgiving


A colorful kite takes on the role of a modern-day Mayflower as it stands anchored in the center of the table. (This boat kite is from World Market.) Use fabric paint to tweak the color of sails if you have a different color palette for your gathering.

Make a small wooden stand for the boat to rest on using wood glue, a 1-inch-thick square dowel, and a 2-foot-long board of 1⁄4- by 3-inch wood. Cut the board in half to form two panels, and trim the dowel to 12 inches in length. Glue a panel to either side of the dowel to create a U shape. Decorate it with pieces of blue paper cut to resemble waves and glued to either side of the stand. Simply rest the boat on top.

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