Friday, November 8, 2013

Rockabilly Retro Halter Top Designs 11/8 holds a great competition for aspiring designers of Rockabilly and Steampunk fashions. You have a chance at a free prototype and 1000.00, along with a couple of other contest, like the material and photo contest.
 If you would like more information on the different contest you can enter, just click this link

Here are some Rockabilly Halter Top designs that I recently entered. If you have time, come by and vote for your favs. Thanks!

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Have a WONDERFUL Day! 


  1. Where do to find these tops. I look through your website and don't see these tops

  2. Love the cut this style looks good on all size women

  3. I need the red/black one ASAP!! Do you sell these?

  4. Hi Jennifer, these aren't for sell at the moment. I use to enter designs into a design contest and this was one of my submissions. After getting alot of request for this top though, I am thinking about adding it to my Spring line that I am having produced. I can't say exactly when this will be available but if it's included in the line, then it should be around April of this year. Thanks for checking out my designs!

    1. So you think they will come out soon on the blueberryhill site? I'm dying for the teal ones!

  5. These corsets look awesome!!!! I'd love to make one, do you sell the pattern?

  6. these corsets look awesome!!!! I'd love to make for me, do you sell the pattern?