Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rockabilly, Retro Fashion Designs, skirts 11/2

I want to thank all the people that have been so supportive in my journey to get my own personal line of plus size and regular sized rockabilly and steampunk fashions going. I really appreciate the support ALOT.
  The new online store has been great, with orders coming in daily, which is way more then I could have ever expected.
  My first two designs that I had placed into production sold out in my store two days after they came in, I didn't get a chance to place them up for sale at, BUT I do have another shipment coming in SOON. I made sure to order plenty enough for the store here and the online store.
  I will be posting pics of those soon on this blog. I have a photo shoot this weekend and hopefully get some great pics. So exciting. Anyways, here are a few designs that I recently submitted on
  I really hope you like them! Let me know what cha think :)    

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