Friday, October 18, 2013

Retro Dresses wanted, Online Design Contest, $1000.00

                                                      Chic Star - collaborative collections

Many people have been asking me about the design contest that I enter my designs in, so I decided to create this blog page about it.

The basic 411 is, has several contest to enter. 1. Design contest  2. Alter contest  3. Photo of the week contest and  4. Material pattern contest.

Design contest

Once you submit your design, it goes up with all the other designers for 2 weeks of voting. Registered users that have been verified through paypal can vote only once per design. Once the two weeks are over, you will see your designs final score.

Chicstar picks 6 to 7 designs every two weeks, they call these designs "accepted". When a design is accepted this means a prototype will be made of this design. When the proto is complete, it goes up for auction on chicstars website. If the design gets good bids and finishes with a good final price, chicstar usually places it into production. Placed in production means you get 1000.00 for copyright of your design and then they sell the design on their website. If the design is not placed in production then you have two choices, either get the proto or you can take a 50 credit. More info

Chicstar usually chooses 1 to 2 winning designs per month for production.

Alter Contest

When a design is not made into production, it may have a second chance by allowing other designers or yourself to make minor alters to the design and be placed back into the voting process. When submitting your original design, there is a check box that gives permission for alters. You do not have to allow alters, it is totally up to you. The process works basically the same as the Design contest, except the monies received for production is split with the person that alters the design and the original designer.

Chicstar also offers a chance at altering their own designs. Designs that were sold on their site by them and not submitted by any one designer.

Material Print Contest

You can submit a pattern/print for fabric. If a designer uses your fabric for a design and it is made for production, you get 100.00. There is a pattern circle that needs to be used, so make sure you download that BEFORE you make your pattern. Also the patterns have to be seamless. More info

Photo Contest

If you have purchased any item on the chicstar website, take a photo and submit it for a chance at 100.00. Just submitting gets you 10 for every pic that is submitted. You can submit a max of 5 pics. A photo is chosen every week. The photo will be featured on homepage.

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