Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Tutu/ Skull Wreath Tutorial

Halloween DIY Wreath Tutorial at

This wreath was super easy to make. Let me show you what you’ll need:
A wire wreath, 1 yard of white, grey, and black tulle, and
any embellishments you would like to use to decorate.
Halloween Wreath Materials

The first thing you want to do is cut your tulle about two inches wide and about six inches long.
You can always trim the layers later if you think they are too long.
Halloween Wreath Tutorial

When you have all of your pieces cut, start tying them to the wire.
I noticed it was easier to work from the outside to the inside of the wreath…
Halloween Wreath Step 1

I hope you are watching a good show while doing this part since it takes a while to finish all the layers.
Start with black, then the gray, then white and finish with black again.
Halloween Wreath Step 2

When you are done add your embellishments. I chose a glittered skull from the Dollar Store.
I gave it a bit of a makeover. You know, girls like to look good… I think she looks fantastic!
And just like that you are done… Time to hang up your new Halloween Wreath!
Halloween Wreath Tutorial

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