Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Coffee Filter Spider Webs - DIY

These are so easy, you probably don't need any how-to instruction. But I thought I'd show a few different ways I made these spider webs.

  • At the top is the easiest of all -- just make a series of "V" cuts down one side of the folded coffee filter.
  • At the center is the next easiest -- basically cutting rectangles along one side of the folded coffee filter.
  • And I did the bottom one just to see if it would be any different to make the rectangular cuts along both sides. It wasn't really. Just more work. The bottom one is made from a larger piece of white tissue paper (the kind used in gift wrap), by the way, rather than a coffee filter.

We glued our coffee filter spider webs to the window with a few strategic dabs from a glue stick (it washes off easily when it's time to take them down).

I cut out a few tiny spiders from black felt just for fun and glued them up on the spider webs (you could also use black construction paper).

Great activity to get kids involved with decorating

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