Monday, September 23, 2013

Rockabilly Dress Designs.. 9/23

    Rockabilly dress designs I did this morning, after the orders for the store were sent out. I never would have thought shipping merchandise out would be fun, but the girls at the store and I had a blast. Decorative wrapping and a small free gift as a token of appreciation! Felt like wrapping gifts for Christmas! Anyways, hope you like the new designs and if you have time, swing by and cast your vote for your fav designs. Maybe one will get made into a proto, or submit your very own designs and you could win a free proto of your design and 1000.00. 

                      Have a wonderful day ladies!

Check out the new store

    I'll be adding around 20 new dresses this coming weekend. I'm waiting on a large shipment any day now and once they are checked for Quality, I will release them for sale on the site, so check back often for new great Rockabilly dresses! 

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