Friday, July 19, 2013

1920's Makeup

              1920s makeup consists of dark, smoke eyes, bright cheeks and luscious, bright red lips

Face powder used in the the early 20's was cream and ivory. later on , mid 20's a
tone closer to the skin tone was used

Eye makeup was worn very dark. Eyeliner, an arcane mixture of soot, lead and goose grease called kohl, was applied all the way around the eye then smudged outward. The lids covered with gray shadow, though turquoise and green were also popular.
Eyebrows were painfully thin and shaded with liner. Some women even plucked out the entire brow in favor of one drawn in higher on the eye.
Mascara, made from colored wax, came in a block. It was then melted and applied to the lashes with a stick. Fake lashes were popular as well. They were applied to the eye and then accentuated with mascara.

Rouge was applied to the apple of the cheek in a circular motion, much as it is today. However, it was not swept upward toward the hairline; instead, it left a visible circle.
Common rouge colors included berry, and rose, but by 1925, orange was the most popular color.
"Cupids Bow"  Lips

Bright red was the only color and smudge-proof lipstick was in. Cherry-flavored lipstick was also popular.
Applied to the upper lip, lipstick rose above the actual lip line in a "cupid's bow." The bottom lip was slightly overstated. The width was minimized by stopping short of the natural crease in the lips.


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