Monday, July 22, 2013

1920s Fashion

    Two of the most iconic fashions of the 1920s are the cloche hat and the flapper dress. The cloche hat of the 1920s evolved from the wider-brimmed hats of the decade before, and continued to evolve up until the 1930s and beyond. The basic description of the cloche hat is that it is a very snug-fit hat that was often worn tilted, covering the forehead, yet allowing room for vision. The hair was often cut short and styled flat to fit under these types of hats. Cloche type hats often covered the ears as well, and even sometimes the ends of women’s short haircuts of the time. Often the flapper style clothing and the cloche hat were worn together, especially during the latter half of the Decade. These Accessories are featured From the Years 1923 and 1926 

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